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30% spike in Metro Vancouver homeless count

This is the 16th year in a row that homelessness has increased.

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This year’s Metro Vancouver homelessness count found 3,605 people in the region—up 30 per cent from the 2014 count. This is the 16th year in a row that homelessness has increased.

The regional 24-hour point-in-time snapshot, held every three years, is usually an under-count of the real number of people experiencing homelessness. According to a Metro Vancouver media release out today, “the actual number of people who are homeless could be three to four times higher.”

The count includes 828 more people than in 2014. Aboriginal homelessness is also on the rise at 34 per cent—compared to 31 per cent three years before. The count includes people staying in emergency shelters, and those living without any type of shelter.

Another recent homeless count held in the Fraser Valley Regional District found a 74 per cent increase compared to a previous run.

Further analysis of the Metro Vancouver count, which was held in March, is expected this summer.

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