36 hours to $10,000

We launched this crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, ready for a 21-day marathon. Gel-packs around our waists; compression socks on our feet; our gazes fixed on the hazy June 1st horizon as we steeled ourselves for the long 3-week race to $10,000. 

Then after 24 hours, we were 72% funded.

Ready for a grueling marathon, instead we were lifted up by a hope-filled, clamouring crowd of 84 incredible donors (and many more who shared our campaign with their friends and loved ones), who picked us up and sprinted together to 72% funded, getting us there so quickly we looked around bewildered, unsure what just happened.

That crowd of 84 ballooned to 125 a few short hours later. By 8:41pm on Thursday-- just 36 hours after launch-- we broke $10,000. 100% funded in 36 hours.


And it hasn't stopped yet. As I write we're at $11,900 and 157 wonderful backers. We are completely blown away by the generosity, heart, and hope for a better way that we've seen from the Megaphone community in the last 2 days.

We'll have an update for you soon, but we are going to keep the crowdfunder open - anything contributed above and beyond our original goal will go a long way to help this project succeed. And we're working on a really exciting idea on how to make this project as impactful as possible, if we are able to raise enough funds beyond our original goal.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us.

You can still chip in! www.megaphonemagazine.com/crowdfunder

Get on your megaphone

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