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Shila AvissaShila_Avissa_square.jpg

Shila is an outreach social worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, passionate about social and economic justice. Prior to her current role, she has worked in emergency shelters, political organizing, and education. A graduate of University of British Columbia’s School of Social Work, Shila earned a distinguished scholarship for community leadership in her final year. She brings a wealth of experience in health care & government system navigation, crisis intervention, community building, and advocacy. Rooted in her upbringing in Indonesia, where the phrase “Have you eaten?” is a greeting, she deeply believes in the power of sharing food and laughter in fostering connection. 


Whitney Brown


Sean CondonSean_Condon_Square.jpg

Sean is Vancity Community Foundation's social enterprise development advisor, helping organizations across British Columbia to plan, launch, and grow their social venture while strengthening its programs and community impact. Sean was the founder of Megaphone, overseeing the organization from 2006 to 2016, and helping build it into an award-winning social enterprise. In his spare time, Sean enjoys all things baseball and goofing around with his wife and son. 


Ashley Curammeng



Heather Dale

Heather Dale is a lawyer who questions the status quo, supports politics and cultures that reclaim thehistory and agency of those subordinated by power structures. She believes in proportional representation, smiling at dogs and live music.  





Bob Dennis


Bob is Megaphone's longest serving vendor, and has been selling Vancouver's street paper since 1992. He sells Megaphone and 

Hope in Shadows in Cambie Village and is well respected and loved by the community. Bob is also a frequent contributor to the magazine, writing about his customers, the police and Vancouver history. He has also been a frequent member of the Vendor Advisory Board. In his free time, Bob loves listening to classic rock and watching old westerns like Gun Smoke. 





David Lee

David has been a board member of Megaphone Magazine since 2011.  David has led and facilitated initiatives involving local economic development, business planning and organizational change across the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. He is committed to supporting social equity and inclusion through his work as a consultant working with non-profits, social enterprises and community-based initiatives and in his role as a board member of Megaphone Magazine.





Jo Shin

Jo brings international perspective and communications expertise to the Megaphone board. She has produced innovative cultural events for non-profits and corporations in Canada, Australia, Iceland and the United States. Jo has a Bachelor of Digital Media from the University of New South Wales, and completed her International Business internship in New York City. Jo fervently believes Degrassi Junior High has been one of Canada’s greatest cultural exports, and can be found picking up her copy of Megaphone Magazine from Richard or Eric on Commercial and 1st.


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