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If you would like to give us feedback, or would like some more information about our organization, you can get in contact with us at:

312 Main St., ground floor 
Vancouver, BC
V6A 2T2

Mon-Fri: 9 am-4:30 pm

Phone: 604-255-9701


Media Requests

For media inquiries please contact

Research Requests

For research inquiries please contact

Requests for collaboration or access to the Megaphone community (e.g., events, student or independent projects):

Megaphone is keen to work and participate in varying ways with other groups and the public. Please provide us with the following information so Megaphone can determine whether our organization can accommodate your request.




How did you hear about us?

Details of your request or event and topics (Including anticipated date and location) 

Are you able to provide an honorarium for participation?*

*Megaphone is a small grassroots initiative and time for staff and vendors away from work impacts our operations. As such, we rely on financial support to ensure our full participation in your event(s). Thank you!

For information on best practices for engaging with organizations like Megaphone, people with lived experience or the Downtown Eastside Community - Research 101 - Manifesto for Ethical Research in the Downtown Eastside

312 Main St
Vancouver, BC
V6A 2T2