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For the past six months Megaphone has been running a series of writing workshops in the Downtown Eastside and downtown Vancouver for homeless and low-income writers. Many of their stories and poems have appeared in the pages of this magazine.

Our writers are not used to having anyone listen to them. They are often told to keep quiet, or, worse, simply ignored. But their stories help provide the kind of context to help us understand what its like to be homeless, addicted to drugs or to live with a mental or physical illness. And when our writers have their stories published it fills them with a great sense of pride.

“Getting my poem in Megaphone made me feel so great,” said Karen Stone, who’s poem, ‘Why Me?’ talks about how she copes with the personal pains of abuse and addiction. “It really helps my self-esteem to know that how I feel and what I say matters.”

We need your support to continue to publish these stories. We are asking our readers to help us raise $5,000 to keep this program running. Help ensure that these stories continue to be heard across the city—make a donation today to Megaphone’s writing workshop for homeless and low-income writers.

Your donations helps pay for:

writing materials
stipends for homeless and low-income writers
printing and publishing costs

Donating is easy:

Please donate online or download this donation form and make a cheque payable to: Megaphone Magazine and send to the address below.

Donate Online

By Check

Please mail the cheque to:

Megaphone Magazine
121 Heatley Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6A 3E9

Download the Donation Form [PDF]

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