Living on $18 a Week

Director's Corner: It's impossible to eat a balanced diet on the current welfare rate
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Patrick Yacyshen, 1953 – 2016

Megaphone News: Remembering a gentle and gracious Megaphone vendor
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The Canucks’ breakaway star

Cover story: From professional hockey player to business aficionado, to foster care advocate—Trevor Linden leads on and off the ice
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Megaphone's big changes

Director's Corner: Our new executive director Jessica Hannon believes in Megaphone's positive social change
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Fighting the good fight

Heartbeats: Victoria nurse receives recognition for her work of breaking down stigma in her community
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A pretty amazing story

Arts Profile: Teresa Pocock has come a long way to become a poet and artist in the Downtown Eastside
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The art of battle rap

Arts Preview: B.C. hip-hop artists compete in word wars to humiliate, degrade, inform, inspire, and upstage their opponents to take home love and accolades
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Fred Willingdon loves Victoria

Vendor Profile: After working through years of homelessness, Fred Willingdon began selling street papers
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Why we created the Megaphone App

  In an increasingly tech-obsessed society, I know that Megaphone is a bit of a throwback. Sometimes I meet someone who isn’t familiar with Megaphone’s model and the conversation goes a little like this: “Street vendors? Like newsies? Print media? Talking to people in person? Do people do that anymore?"...
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Moving on from Megaphone

Director's Corner: After 10 years at Megaphone's helm, Sean Condon recounts his wondrous journey and what's next for him
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