Queer film comes of age

Now in its 31st year, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival features a program that pushes boundaries, takes risks and explores themes that are post-coming out.
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'I like watching my art rot'

While most artists are concerned with composition, environmentally aware Alex Stewart is more interested in decomposition—creating biodegradable installations designed to naturally decay.
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Red women rise above Canada's dark legacy

A groundbreaking report by the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre paints a dismal picture of the ongoing systemic ab use of Indigenous women.
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Spoil, teach, play

Longtime Megaphone vendor Peter Thompson talks about the importance of being a grandfather.
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Why didn't the toad cross the road?

Because 'Super, Natural' B.C. doesn't have laws strong enough to protect species at risk.
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Dear Pen Pals...

Do you have a question about drug use, addiction, mental health, relationships, sexuality, or other life issues? We've got you covered.
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Big talent

Norman James Hall's stunning murals—depicting Indigenous chiefs and artists—take a prestigious perch above Vancouver Public Library's promenade.
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PHOTO OPP: Drug users take stage tonight for realtalk on replacing shame with compassion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHOTO OPP: Drug users take stage tonight for realtalk on replacing shame with compassion Monday, May 13th (Vancouver, B.C.) - Tomorrow a team of people with experience using drugs will host the last of four community conversations about the overdose crisis before they shift their focus to...
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Work as a metaphor for life

Victoria employment program is less about getting a job and more about recognizing who you are as a person.
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