Mel Hennan: July 8, 1963 – December 2016

Megaphone News: Remembering Mel Hennan, a gentle warrior, a bright spirit, and a friend
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It takes a village to raise a totem pole

Heartbeats: Murdered and Missing Women, survivors, and the Downtown Eastside honoured in Survivors Totem Pole
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Michael Illing: October 25, 1959 – December 7, 2016

Megaphone News: Michael Illing, our friend and Megaphone vendor, passed away on December 7 in Vancouver
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Victoria’s champion thanks her community

Vendor Profile: Evelyn Baron is Victoria’s 2016 Vendor of the Year
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The physical is political

Viewpoints: February is Superbowl month. Should you cheer or protest? Yes.
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The crime of addiction

Viewpoints: Trapped in the child-care system
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Surviving transit, together

Vancouver vendor Peter Thompson reflects on some stand-out transit experiences he's had over the years
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No, Homelessness Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

Calgary and other cities are 'wrapping' their citizens in help, starting with shelter. It works.
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Yes! In My Backyard!

A commitment to neighbourliness eases resistance to new supportive housing. Part of a series.
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Rethinking Tent Cities as a Help in Housing Crisis, Not a Nuisance

Activists says BC should follow Portland, Seattle in allowing shelter under polycotton
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