Finding Play

Arts Profile: Victoria’s popular interactive art display and party, Urbanite, is coming up this month
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Spreading the love

Cover Story: From Grand Chief Stewart Phillip to other folks deserving of extra celebration
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Is it goodbye forever for the Cobalt?

Cobalt Cabaret operator says “I think that’s it” for beloved bar.
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Undeniable electricity

Arts Preview: Vancouver Opera partners with The Kettle Society to produce a chamber musical about homelessness
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Putting a face to homelessness

Heartbeats: Connecting through storytelling and lived experience, Victoria’s Speakers Bureau is ready to be heard
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Ladies of Comedy

Feature: Just For Laughs NorthWest returns to the West Coast, with many women lighting up the stage.
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A lesson learned

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Peter Thompson talks favourite food and the proper way to smoke fish
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Indigenous lives: Finally time to listen

Director's Corner: The truth is, to understand the realities of racism, the voices we need to listen to are those of the people most affected by it.
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Q&A: My father struggled with drug use

Vancouver journalist Trevor Jang shares what it was like growing up after losing a father to a drug overdose
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