Morning Meganews

WAR STORIES The Federal Government is addicted to 'war on drugs' SMELLY After years of complaints, a new odour bylaw may do something about the stink at Hastings & Victoria. FARMERS Mayor Robertson wants a large expansions in farmers' markets NEAT Beyond Robson takes a look at Megaphone's writing series  
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Let's Get Lost

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Catering to a Community: Potluck Café serves it up in the heart of the Downtown Eastside

Photos by Natasha Kanji Potluck Café is like a small corner of paradise in the Downtown Eastside. Located on a block of Hastings Street rife with fights and open-air drug dealing, such activities feel a million miles away when you walk inside and see fresh flowers peeping out of glasses...
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My Megaphone: Charles Demers on why indie bookstores matter

  Capitalism in Vancouver is an especially cruel mistress—by my last count there are only four business models left in this town that are guaranteed to turn a profit: sushi restaurant, grow-op, yoga gear supplier and being Bob Rennie. So in a city where every day businesses (and individuals) fail...
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Freed Weed: Exploring Vancouver’s counter-culture landmarks with Uncle Weed

  Photo by Kris Krug Vancouver is always on some “best of” something list extolling luxurious skiing or exotic bistros, but it’s rarely mentioned amongst North American art culture capitals. San Francisco gets credits for its psychedelic pioneers and New York is known for its art school punkers, with beat...
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Processing Change: Artist Melanie Schambach isn’t afraid of a little change

  Images by Melanie Schambach Melanie Schambach calls out “Hello” from the back room of the Gam Gallery and appears around from around the corner with a warm smile. Her solo exhibition, Processing Change, is on display at the collective gallery and features 16 pieces, acrylic on wood, mixed with...
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312 Main St
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