Walking the talk

Filmmaker Steve Sxwithul'txw aims to celebrate First Nations talent with an Indigenous Walk of Fame in the heart of Victoria.
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Altruism and activism

A mom of two cats and two kids, Julie Chapman would take everyone under her wing for protection, if she could
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The Kids Are Alright

From lowering the voting age, to supporting housing for those who are homeless, youth passionate about the fate of the planet and its people are speaking out.
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Living communities over dying industries

Director's Corner: In the wake of the Kinder Morgan bailout announcement, I find myself costing out what else we could do with approximately $12 billion.
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'We all work together'

Busy like bees, members of Wood Shop and Hives for Humanity collaborate and contribute to the greater community
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The function of freedom

Desmond Cole has a simple message for those who participate—overtly or covertly—in racist, classist regimes: 'Until you stop hurting us and stop killing us... acts of resistance are going to be how we challenge you.'
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Making the connection on canvas

Artist Alex Sandvoss creates life-like paintings of the people in the Downtown Eastside that many of us pass by every day.
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Megaphone's 'Fab Four' have been here since the beginning

Longtime vendors (from left) Vince Broad, Bob Dennis, Richard Morris and Ray Soucy have been hitting the streets for nearly a century between them.
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Vendor Voices: A fresh start comes into focus

Valerie Fielding’s participation in Megaphone’s annual Hope in Shadows photography project revealed a talent she never knew she had and a sense of purpose she thought she’d lost.
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