Valerie Fielding

Holiday Vendor Profile: Season’s greetings from our vendors
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Remembering Jim Ryder

Megaphone News: We pay tribute to the longtime Megaphone vendor and prolific Downtown Eastside poet
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Out of the recipe book

Vendor Voices: Victoria vendor Evelyn Baron is here to share another delicious recipe—tomato soup cake
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Wrapped up in hope

Director’s Corner: This month marks the return of our third annual and much-loved #WrapUpHope campaign. 
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Local calligraphy group promotes growth and compassion through art

Heartbeats: Organizers see calligraphy as a means to provide inspiration and self-awareness
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Muslim fashion event in Victoria aims to build community and understanding

Arts Profile: There still seems to be a good deal of confusion and questions around the culture itself, such as the significance of wearing hijabs.
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Governments must act now to end youth homelessness

Local News: About 40,000 young people go without a home to call their own over the course of a year in Canada. And the problem is only getting worse.
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The characters on those steamships

Vendor Voices: Bob Dennis tells the story of the union steamships and their many characters
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Winter is coming—are we ready?

Director’s Corner: The need to build toward long-term housing solutions is felt most acutely during these freezing months
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Front line stories

Cover Story: A Downtown Eastside storytelling series hits the road
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