Vancouver Folk Festival's inclusive vision

Arts Review: Vancouver Folk Festival message stronger than ever in era of bigotry and hate
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Islamophobia is happening in Canada, too

Cover Story: Global and national events raise tensions and fears, and embolden bigots and xenophobes.
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'I want expectation'

Arts Profile: Co-founder of the All Bodies Dance Project, Sarah Lapp talks about working past perceived limitations to achieve her dream of dancing
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Reach out and grab that Megaphone

Director’s Corner: Eight easy steps you can take to boost Megaphone and your community
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Safe Space

Local News: Advocates push for a secure nightlife in Vancouver
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An appetite for change

Heartbeats: Victoria and other small B.C. communities are sharing meals and taking names
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Rising street paper star found dead on U.S. street

INSP News: The International Network of Street Papers mourns the loss of Raven Canon, Springs Echo founder
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Passionate about social justice

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Louise Boilevin is working toward a better future while vigorously learning about the city’s past
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Knock off the ‘shame’ of addiction

Viewpoints: The fentanyl crisis highlights how ill-prepared we are to fight the overdose death epidemic in B.C.
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The eye of Susan Point

Arts Profile: Vancouver Art Gallery showcases its first major Coast Salish artist exhibit
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