Making the connection on canvas

Artist Alex Sandvoss creates life-like paintings of the people in the Downtown Eastside that many of us pass by every day.
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Megaphone's 'Fab Four' have been here since the beginning

Longtime vendors (from left) Vince Broad, Bob Dennis, Richard Morris and Ray Soucy have been hitting the streets for nearly a century between them.
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Vendor Voices: A fresh start comes into focus

Valerie Fielding’s participation in Megaphone’s annual Hope in Shadows photography project revealed a talent she never knew she had and a sense of purpose she thought she’d lost.
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Downtown Eastside tenants in ‘crisis,' advocacy group says

The Carnegie Community Action Project’s latest housing report shows 2017 was the worst year for renters in the area since 2008, as rates rise and rooms close.
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Happy 10th birthday, Megaphone!

Non-profit organization has been working to ease the pain of poverty for a decade.    
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Connection is the root of our power

Director's Corner: For 10 years, Megaphone has advocated for policy changes to the systems that entrench poverty and has put more than $500,000 directly into the pockets of homeless and low-income people.
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Remembering Sang Hussain

Warm, charming and determined to meet life’s challenges, Victoria vendor was a genuine pleasure to be around.
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Looking at controversy

2018 DOXA Documentary Film Festival features flicks about local rabble-rouser Harry Rankin and iconic photographer of North America’s Indigenous people, Edward Curtis.
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Finding Play

Arts Profile: Victoria’s popular interactive art display and party, Urbanite, is coming up this month
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Spreading the love

Cover Story: From Grand Chief Stewart Phillip to other folks deserving of extra celebration
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