Accessing a healthier commuting alternative

Q&A: Pedals for the People gives out 120 bikes a year to help people with barriers get a bike, but face a growing waitlist
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Art heals

Arts Profile: The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts hosts first all-female art exhibit this month. 
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The Megaphone movement

Cover Story: This month Megaphone celebrates its 200th issue thanks to its vendors and supportive community that has kept it going strong.
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Storytelling event allows drug users to share their experiences

Megaphone News: In the midst of a health crisis, a new storytelling series lifts drug users up and provides naloxone training
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From the heart

Arts Profile: Vancouver’s Heart of the City Festival returns this month with more than 100 events on the go.
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Strive and fight

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Stephen Scott pens a poem about making the most out of life
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A wider perspective on housing solutions

Viewpoints: Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps shares the response she received after asking her community to ‘open their homes’ to aid in the housing crisis
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Finding Chinatown

Cover Story: Chinatown can be a constant battleground—how do you respect the past while shaping a new future? Victoria and Vancouver’s historic enclaves face gentrification and demographic shifts in different ways
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My firefighting days

Vendor Profile: Victoria vendor Craig Baron talks about his two proudest accomplishments.
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Connecting to my community

Director's Corner: Megaphone customers look out for their vendors, and vendors look out for them too
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