Celebrating Mother's Day

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Ron McGrath wishes all moms a Happy Mother's Day!
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Word for Word

Cover Story: The Victoria play based on Alice Munro’s stories hits the Belfry Theatre’s stage this month
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Homelessness stems from a lack of choice

Director's Corner: 'Over my five years at Megaphone, I have written more obituaries and attended more memorials than someone should.'
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Where do B.C.'s parties stand on ending homelessness?

Megaphone sifted through party platforms, media commentary, and emailed answers to our questions from the parties themselves to see how each party stacks up on homelessness.
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Classic sugar cookies

Vendor Voices: Victoria’s Evelyn Baron shares a note on the lost recipe she was reunited with recently.
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Pipelines and poetics of place

Viewpoints: A new project breathes life into our relationship with nature in the era of heavy resource extraction.
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‘A future where we are all one’

Arts Preview: Panel of Indigenous artists re-imagine Canada’s story at University of Victoria event
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'A lot more love in the world today'

Vendor Profile: Vancouver’s Rodney McNeely on his artistic endeavours and what he loves to do.
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It’s time to treat homelessness as the emergency it is

Director's Corner: The homelessness crisis has lost its urgency. Let's change that.
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Voices of the Street

Megaphone News: The seventh annual literary edition returns with poetry and prose from the talented writers that make each anthology special.
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