No stopping us now | $16,000 by June 1st

The response to our crowdfunder has been unbelievable. That's why we're upping the ante.

Thanks to the incredible Megaphone community who rallied last week, we made it to our $10,000 goal in 36 hours. 36 hours!

We are blown away by the heart and generosity of the Megaphone community. When we planned this crowdfunding campaign, we were ready for a 3-week marathon, but in just 36 hours more than 150 people came through, chipping in what they could-- whether that was $5 or $500-- to get us to our goal and beyond.

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As I write this, the 172nd person just chipped in. That brings our 7 day total to $12,580! More than 25% over our $10,000 goal, and the donations keep coming. We are in awe of the power of this community. That surge of support has allowed us to think bigger about the potential impacts of this project. With this kind of backing, what can we do that will ensure these high-impact stories will be seen, heard, and read widely? How can this community have the biggest impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness?

That's why we're upping the ante, and upping our goal. Homelessness is at crisis levels in B.C.-- and we have an opportunity to make a big impact. We're upping our goal to $16,000.


If we can get to $16,000 by June 1st, we'll be able to expand our initial project to include a series of short, shareable videos to accompany our 6-month in-depth series on homelessness. We'll pair each solutions-focused Megaphone article with an accompanying video that distills the content down to the essentials. To reach thousands more people, we'll tell stories that drive change through compelling visuals that cut to the crux of the problem and its possible solutions.

Together we can change the story on homelessness. Thank you so much to all who have chipped in or shared - you're the engine behind all of this. Please consider sharing our campaign so we can up the ante, and up the impact.

Thank you for being part of the Megaphone community!

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