Our Staff


Jessica Hannon
Executive Director                                                                                                              jessica[at]megaphonemagazine[dot]com

As Megaphone's Executive Director, Jessica oversees all aspects of Megaphone's work and leads the strategic direction of the organization. Jessica joined Megaphone as a volunteer in 2011, before joining staff in 2013 first as vendor coordinator then as operations manager. She became the executive director in 2016. When not making executive decisions, Jessica explores forests and mountains, learns to play music, reads and plays soccer.



Krista Butler
Program Manager, Speakers Bureau                                                                                                                                               krista[at]megaphonemagazine[dot]com

Krista_Butler_Staff_Photo_Circle_Crop.pngKrista Butler is currently developing Megaphone's new Speakers Bureau program.  She holds a degree in both Psychology and Environmental Studies, with a background in health research and non-profit program development as well as frontline support work for those experiencing homelessness and addiction. She is passionate about spiritual health, social equity, and building community. In her spare time, Krista is a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, end-of-life doula and novice but determined skateboarder. 




Travis Poor
Vancouver Vendor Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                         travis[at]megaphonemagazine[dot]com                                                                                             Travis_Poor_Circle_Crop.png

Travis grew up in Colorado but relocated to Vancouver in the early 2000s to attend the University of British Columbia. After a few years back in the U.S., Travis returned to B.C. in 2016.
Travis has worked for several different non-profit organizations, providing case management and housing services to homeless and low-income individuals and families.
Travis is a true believer in low-barrier services and person-centred care and is excited to offer Megaphone’s vendors support in achieving their goals.
When he is not at work Travis enjoys playing basketball, vegetable gardening, and spending time in nature.




Ryan Longoz
Vancouver Vendor Support                                                                                                                                                                         ryan[at]megaphonemagazine[dot]com                                                                                             

Ryan worked with Megaphone as an office volunteer and Online Editor from 2009 to 2014, so our organization and vendors are very close to his heart. He has worked in the DTES on and off since 2009, and has also been working as a registered nurse in Vancouver since 2015. He enjoys cycling, crossword puzzles, and watching true crime documentaries with his wife Jess.




Matthew Duquette

Victoria Vendor Coordinator

Matt has spent the last 10 years working with non-profit organizations in Vancouver, Montreal and Victoria. His primary focus has been housing and food security. He is especially interested in innovative ways to improve access to quality food, housing and income. He has contributed to the creation of fresh food markets, employment programs and housing projects for low-income individuals. Matt loves basketball and trips home to Prince Edward Island. 




Will Pearson
Operations Coordinator


Will coordinates Megaphone's operations in Vancouver and Victoria. Will holds a master's degree in Public Policy and a BA in Art History. He has a background in social research and program management and focuses on contributing to initiatives that work to address social and health inequity. As a former Megaphone and Hope in Shadows volunteer, he is excited to be contributing full time. In his off time, Will enjoys skateboarding, fishing, riding his bike, and eating delicious food with his partner. 




Paula Carlson
Managing Editor


For the past two decades, Paula Carlson has worked as an editor and reporter at various newspapers throughout the Lower Mainland, contributing stories and stick-handling special projects that have won more than 50 industry awards for news, feature and opinion writing, page layout and design. Her work has appeared across B.C. and Canada. Having been personally affected by many of the issues that are the focus of Megaphone, she’s also explored deeper spiritual pursuits, and is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher.



Greta Shuting Lin
Communications & Development Coordinator


Greta is responsible for Megaphone's supporter and donor development and organizing fundraising events. Greta was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. She moved to Vancouver in 2013 to pursue her degree in Marketing at the University of British Columbia. In her second year of University, she got the opportunity to participate in an internship program in the Downtown Eastside, and fell in love with the neighbourhood. She has been living in the Downtown Eastside since 2016, committing her daily life to serve the most vulnerable populations in Vancouver. When she is not working at Megaphone, she organises the Strathcona Artisan Market to provide low-barrier vending spaces to low-income artists. She is also a lover of good food, and you'll most likely find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen.



Nicolas Crier
Speakers Bureau Coordinator

Nicolas Crier, an adoptee of Woodland Cree heritage, has spent approximately half his 40 years as such surviving in the streets, at least 10 of them in the Downtown Eastside. Despite what that might have to do with anything, he’s been publishing as a freelance writer the whole time. Of course, it had never occurred to him that being a "drug-user" would ever be interesting, let alone honorable and even useful, but after two years as an overdose responder and outreach worker, and as he slowly grew into a position he knows those street experiences, positive and negative, have earned him in terms respect and trust within the Downtown Eastside community, he realized that it was in fact the most natural progression of his life that he would stay where he belongs and would continue to suprise himself. He is also sending love to his seven-year-old son, Money and his amazing wife, Samona.


312 Main St
Vancouver, BC
V6A 2T2