Word for Word

Cover Story: The Victoria play based on Alice Munro’s stories hits the Belfry Theatre’s stage this month
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Where do B.C.'s parties stand on ending homelessness?

Megaphone sifted through party platforms, media commentary, and emailed answers to our questions from the parties themselves to see how each party stacks up on homelessness.
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No More Homeless Deaths

500 signatures

Instagram_HDR.pngStand with us. Sign the petition.

More people died homeless in British Columbia in 2015 than in any year on record. At least 70 homeless people died in 2015, more than one person per week. This is a crisis on our streets that demands an emergency response.

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Join Megaphone to call upon the next B.C. provincial government to support a Death Review Panel on homeless deaths.

A Death Review Panel examines a group of deaths and develops recommendations to reduce the likelihood of similar deaths in the future.

This is what we need to do:

1. Conduct a Death Review Panel.

2. Fund the BC Coroners Service to create an annual report that offers deeper analysis and data about homeless deaths across the province.

3. Implement a Poverty Reduction Strategy in B.C.

Stand with us. Add your name to say: No More Homeless Deaths.


Update: Both the BCNDP and the BC Green Party have committed to support an investigation into homeless deaths. Thank you for your support, let's keep sharing so we can get all three parties to commit!


Important notice: Some supporters have reported that they are not able to sign the petition. We are working to fix this. In the meantime, please try opening an incognito window on your browser if you are unable to sign!

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It’s time to treat homelessness as the emergency it is

Director's Corner: The homelessness crisis has lost its urgency. Let's change that.
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Voices of the Street

Megaphone News: The seventh annual literary edition returns with poetry and prose from the talented writers that make each anthology special.
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30% spike in Metro Vancouver homeless count

This is the 16th year in a row that homelessness has increased.
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922 Lives Lost

Cover Story: And it would have been more if not for the vigilant volunteers of Vancouver's Overdose Prevention Society
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