You got us there. Thank you.

We did it! You got us there. Way past there, even. Thank you.21 days. 239 backers. 2 crowdfunding goals left in the dust.  $18,365 raised to fund Megaphone's 6-month series on ending homelessness.Thank you.
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No stopping us now | $16,000 by June 1st

The response to our crowdfunder has been unbelievable. That's why we're upping the ante. Thanks to the incredible Megaphone community who rallied last week, we made it to our $10,000 goal in 36 hours. 36 hours! We are blown away by the heart and generosity of the Megaphone community. When...
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36 hours to $10,000

We launched this crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, ready for a 21-day marathon. Gel-packs around our waists; compression socks on our feet; our gazes fixed on the hazy June 1st horizon as we steeled ourselves for the long 3-week race to $10,000.  Then after 24 hours, we were 72% funded. Ready...
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And we're off! This morning we launched our very first crowdfunding campaign, and thanks to the amazing community of Megaphone supporters like you, we're off to a great start. We know that most successful crowdfunding campaigns reach 30% of their goal within the first few days. It's important for the...
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