You got us there. Thank you.

We did it! You got us there. Way past there, even. Thank you.

21 days.
239 backers.
2 crowdfunding goals left in the dust. 
$18,365 raised to fund Megaphone's 6-month series on ending homelessness.

Thank you.

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We asked for your help to raise $10,000 for a reporter on the homelessness crisis in BC. You responded with a landslide of support, and catapulted us past that $10,000 goal in just 36 hours. So we expanded the project to include a series of short, shareable videos, and upped the goal to $16,000. Again, you stepped up and lifted us past that goal nearly a week ahead of deadline. In 3 weeks, you donated an amazing $18,345.

Where we are now

The shock of Victoria and Vancouver homeless count numbers has been settling in for me today. We need this project more than ever. There is the community will to end homelessness, and your overwhelming support for this campaign reminded me of that. And yet here we are, with the Vancouver homeless count showing a 10-year high of folks living on the streets and in shelters.

To make change, we can't just point at the problem. People (like you and me, and especially those we elect this time next May) need to know what they can do to make things better. We need solutions-focused journalism that will drive change. Your donation makes that possible.

So, what next?
Now, we get down to work. Hiring a reporter, identifying the levers of change, mapping out the stories. And then? We'll need your help to do what Megaphones do best: amplify. If you want to ensure these stories reach as many people as possible, you can sign up to be a Megaphone Amplifier, helping these stories reach new people and connect to broader audiences. That builds the kind of momentum we need to make change. 

I'm incredibly thankful for your donation, your support, and your vision for a more just, inclusive society. Together, we can change the story on homelessness.

Some business notes:

  • We are preparing your charitable tax receipt and will send it to you in July.
  • We are also preparing perks! (Fun!) Delivery time depends on the perk (ranges from July to November).
  • Megaphone’s 6-month series on ending homelessness (funded by you!) launches this Fall. We'll keep you updated. You made it happen, after all.
  • Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you again. We couldn't have done this without you.

With immense gratitude,


P.S. Join on as a Megaphone Amplifier, and make sure solutions to the homelessness crisis get heard.

Get on your megaphone

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