photos: Bob Dennis has been selling Megaphone for years in the Cambie Village. He's built a loving community of supporters and friends in the neighbourhood. Photo: Jackie Wong.

A Christmas letter from Bob Dennis

As 2014 draws to a close, I think about the good things and the people who touched my heart this year.

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One special memory is of a couple moving from Cambie Village, where 
I sell Megaphone, to another part of Vancouver. As a goodbye present, they gave me $50. They had been buying street papers from me since the first time I started selling in Cambie Village—I first sold Spare Change, then Street Corner, then Megaphone. They have always touched my heart.

Another gentleman I know in the neighbourhood retired from his position at work this year. He has a big heart, and he left me a $100 bill as a going-away gift. He always respected what I did and was there for me. He was very concerned the year I lost my dad. That loss shattered me terribly. I think of Dad each day, of his warm smile, of him looking down on me.

People have been kind. One friend of mine supplied my apartment with pots, pans, and linens. He and his wife often take me out for lunch on weekends. Another friend bought me brand-new dishes for my apartment.

I share meals with my customers 
and friends, too. One friend and his girlfriend took me out for dinner, in addition to my birthday dinner at Neighbours, a Greek restaurant at 49th and Victoria. The food is delicious and the staff highly respect me. One
of the waitresses and her son live
in Cambie Village. Small world.

This year, I had another birthday party at the bistro at the Sylvia Hotel. There, my customers came and we had good food and conversation.
I received nice gifts and cards.

On another occasion, my male friends came over. My friend Rand cooked up a good meal and we got into watching my favourite television series, Gunsmoke, in black and white.

Three of my old friends I stay in touch with since I’ve known them in the 1970s took me out for lunch. We had Chinese food and talked about old times and recent issues.

Greg L. and Greg C. even bought calendars from me. 
I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve made through Megaphone.

People in the Cambie Village have brought me pop, fruit drinks, pastries, ice cream, and coffee. They’re very generous. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made moving to Fairview, a neighbourhood close to work on Cambie Street.

This year was my second summer living in Fairview. I walked almost every night during our hot summer. I lost weight and hope to lose more.

I wish my customers who buy Megaphone and Hope in Shadows
a merry Christmas. I thank them for their support, as well as the merchants and other employees in Cambie Village—it’s a great neighbourhood where I feel very supported.

For all of you in Cambie Village, merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Bob sells Megaphone in front of the Choices Market in Vancouver on 19th and Cambie.

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