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Megaphone magazine offers a fresh, human-centred, and solutions-focused perspective on our communities. Published by professional journalists and designers, the magazine explores issues of social justice, culture, politics and independent arts in Vancouver and Victoria. Megaphone seeks to amplify the voices of people experiencing marginalization through exclusive interviews and writing from our low-income vendors, creative writing workshop participants, and people experiencing poverty, as well as through articles and viewpoints from diverse writers and storytellers.

Our audience, though diverse as our stories and the people who write them, have some things in common. For the most part, they are interested in social issues, arts, and culture from a local and human perspective. They’re people who want to take meaningful action to address poverty and homelessness -- people who care about their local communities, and who want to include marginalized people in them. 

When you advertise with Megaphone you speak directly to these people while also contributing to the costs of producing the magazine and creating opportunities for our low-income and homeless vendors to make change in their lives.

Our rates

Full-Page Advertisement:

Colour - $500

Black and White $475

Full Bleed: 9"W x 11.625" H; Total size: 10" W x 12.625"H with crop marks

No bleed: 8'W x 10.125" H

1/2 Page Advertisement:

Colour - $250

Black and white - $225

No Bleed: 4.875"H x 8"W

1/4 Page Advertisement:

Colour - $125

Black and white: $100

No Bleed: 4.875"H x 3.9167"W

Our policy

Megaphone believes all businesses and organizations have a responsibility to include people of all economic statuses, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities.

We work to create space for independent journalism and personal narratives to inform and build understanding among policymakers and the public-at-large. In this, we reserve the right to investigate and write critically about any issue, person or group, regardless of their connection or financial relationship to the organization. We reserve the right to reject advertisements that are false, libellous, exploitative, or hateful, or advertisements that do not meet our production standards. We also reserve the right to refuse advertisements from groups or individuals doing harm or working to oppress the rights of any protected class.

Megaphone reserves the right to reject ads that we believe run contrary to our mission or ethics. For example, if an advertiser does a disservice to the low-income community or mistreats marginalized people, or elicits concern from the community, Megaphone retains the right to pull the ad.

We ask for payment in advance, once the advertisement has been booked and approved. Megaphone assumes that the client owns the rights to the materials displayed in the advertisement.

How to submit

To reserve your ad space, please email Megaphone's editor at least one month in advance of the issue in which you’d like your advertisement to appear. The editor will provide you a deadline by which you must submit your ad artwork. We regret we are unable to offer advertisement design services.

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