photos: Megaphone vendor Bernie Bouzane writes poems frequently

In the garden by the sea

When it comes to creative writing, longtime Vancouver Megaphone vendor and musician Bernie Bouzane doesn't miss a beat. Megaphone file photo.

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By Bernie Bouzane


The walkabout was lovely

In the garden by the sea

’Twas there I found my damsel

Had she been

Waiting for me?

There’s one thing I know for certain

I think I’ve known it all along

This lass will be my wife someday

My life someday

Because she fills 

My heart with song

I’m not a drunkard

Nor a braggart

Not a tall tale will I tell

But this wine of love

She gave to me

Make me dance among the dell

Among the sheep and the fawn

Among the foliage

High and low

My damsel’s there beside me

In everywhere I go


The walkabout was lovely

In the garden by the sea

And it’s there 

I’ll wed my sweetheart

For all the world to see

She gave me a badge of courage

The strength to carry on 

And I thank our Lord

With each passing day

For my heart that’s 

Filled with song


Bernie Bouzane has been a part of the Megaphone family since 2015 and has been published in the magazine and literary anthology, Voices of the Street, many times.

A musician, Bouzane’s often writes poems and prose in the form of songs. He sells Megaphone outside High Point liquor store on East Hastings Street and Slocan in Vancouver.

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