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Celebrating Mother's Day

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Ron McGrath wishes all moms a Happy Mother's Day!

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By Ron McGrath


There is no parade, no 21-gun salute.

No firing of the cannons

Just a card that says I love you, Mom

But that’s not enough for me.

My heart always aches on this day

Because I know who my Mom is

and what she was.

Here’s to all Moms

I salute you

Because you lead the way

Many kids feel the same way

On this day

Hear the fireworks in your head

And keep the flame in your heart

And just be proud you've tried your best

For us all

Because you’re a real Mom

a woman and a friend

That gave birth to a child

Like you and I

I salute you.

Happy Mother's Day!


Ron McGrath sells outside the Choices Market on West 16th Avenue Monday to Sunday, 3–7 p.m., or outside the Royal Bank at Cambie and West Broadway on Monday and Friday, 12–1 p.m.

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