Change starts here

Every morning Megaphone vendors come to our Downtown Eastside office to purchase copies of the magazine for 75 cents. They then sell them on the streets of Vancouver for $2 each. It may seem like a simple transaction, but it's the start of an incredible transformation.


Because every time our vendors sell a Megaphone to their customers, they gain a bit more confidence, a bit more financial independence and get a bit closer to changing their lives.


Our vendors are struggling with some serious barriers—whether it's homelessness, addiction or a mental illness. Megaphone gives them the opportunity they need to get their life back on track.


"I like the fact that I'm actually doing something to earn my money rather than begging," says Megaphone vendor Joe Kryklywy. "I think that it's positive and it gives me some self-esteem."


But in order for Megaphone to keep providing our vendors with the tools they need to succeed—training and supports, an award-winning magazine, and advocacy that fights for their rights—we need your help.


This fall Megaphone needs to raise $5,000 for our vendor program. Right now we are $1,200 short or reaching that goal. By making a donation, you will help pay for:

 * Vendor training that gives them life and employment skills

 * Hats, T-shirts, badges and bags that give them legitimacy on the job

 * A vendor blog project that will give them a voice online


Please make a donation today and be part of a transaction that changes people's lives.



Sean Condon

Executive Director


Get on your megaphone

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