Changing Chinatown: As Chinatown evolves, who gets left behind?

There's a hole in the ground where 633 Main St. used to be. The future site of a massive condo development is the first of many to come in Vancouver's Chinatown. Megaphone #149 looks at how redeveloping the historic area has many fearing more renovictions of the low-income Chinese seniors who call the neighbourhood home. 


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Also in this issue: 5 and 2 Ministries pastor Ward Draper anticipates a clean sweep of council this November after Abbotsford city council turns down a low-barrier housing project for homeless men; B.C.'s proposed Missing Persons Act allows police more power to find vulnerable people, but doesn't address the police's own problems with marginalized communities; capitalism and greed isn't the way it has to be, advocates Megaphone vendor Hendrik Buene, when you can build a society that values people and the planet; more low-income hotel rooms are lost in the DTES; and much more!

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