Christy Clark and the Inner City: B.C.'s premier on the Downtown Eastside

Christy Clark was elected as leader of the BC Liberal Party, and thus premier of the province, on a populist platform that promised to put families first. But what does the former radio talk show host have planned for the Downtown Eastside, often referred to as Canada's postal code?


In an exclusive interview with Megaphone, Clark lays out her vision for the neighbourhood. And while the premier states her support for the safe-injection site and says the Downtown Eastside "is a high priority" for her government, neighbourhood activists remain skeptical. 

Also in this issue: the province comes around and saves the New Fountain Shelter; the author of Reading the Riot Act gives his analysis of the Canucks RiotDavid Suzuki stumps for small farms; and more news, arts and work from our community workshops. 


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