COMMUNITY JOURNALISM 201: Cock-a-leek-ee soup


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Megaphone is now into its fourth year of offering tuition-free introductory journalism classes to inner city residents at SFU Woodward’s. Our immersive writing class focused on a unifying theme central to all of our experiences and formative memories: food. We’re pleased to present to you a delicious sampling of writing produced in class between late February and the end of March this year:

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Cock-a-leek-ee soup

by Allison McArthur

My mother’s cooking was not really welcomed at mealtime. However, we were always excited to watch her prepare a large pot of cock-a-leek-ee soup. Traditionally made from turkey stock, my mom used a pork shoulder: ham with the bone in.

In lean times, she would substitute a few strips of bacon, which would still keep the richness of flavour in the broth. It was a simple soup with turnip, potatoes, leeks, celery, and grated carrots. However, it tasted anything but simple. It simmered all afternoon, emitting a peaceful, loving vapour throughout the house.

When mealtime arrived, you could sense the unspoken gratitude around the table. The first spoonful brought forth a vocal “mmm” from all of us. It equated to a yoga chant, instilling a peacefulness and comfort within. 

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