Cool City, Bro: T-shirt project benefits Megaphone


Ever notice that a map of Vancouver looks like a thumbs up?


Megaphone is excited to introduce Cool City, Bro: an art project and fundraising initiative by local illustrator and animator Justin Longoz. Earlier this year, Justin received a DTES Small Arts Grant from the Vancouver Foundation to produce a short run of T-shirts with his design, which plays with the fact that a map of Vancouver looks like a thumbs up (there are some things you can't unsee).


The best part: rather than taking any of the profits for himself, Justin has decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this T-shirt to Megaphone in support of our community writing workshops and vendor programs in the DTES


Over the last few weeks, Justin and his dedicated project team have been able to form community partnerships with eight local small businesses who have generously agreed to carry the shirts in their storefronts on a goodwill basis (meaning they won't be taking any cut of the sales). 

Megaphone would like to thank Justin and these retailers for volunteering their time and space to support our community:

Board of Trade Co., 227 Union St. 778-318-9697

Mintage Vintage, 1714 Commercial Dr. 604-646-8243

Community Thrift and Vintage, 41 West Cordova St. 604-682 8535 
Nouvelle Nouvelle, 209 Abbott St. 604-682-2234

Tiny Finery, 2162 E. Hastings St. 604-569-2171

Zulu Records, 1972 W. 4th Ave. 604-738-3232

The Goods Screening & Apparel, 335 E. Broadway 604-568-6169

Shop Wrong, 1192 E. Hastings St. 604-251-1100


We'll be covering this project a lot more in the coming months, but for now please check out these great small businesses, and come see us at the revamped Chinatown Night Market every other Saturday starting June 8th. For dates, more information, or to order online (Canada only), visit


See you this summer!

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