Let's Change the Story on Homelessness

Join us! Fund a Megaphone reporter to do in-depth investigative journalism focused on solutions to the homeless crisis.

We can’t do this without you.

Update: The response to our crowdfunder has been unbelievable. That's why we're upping the ante. Thanks to the incredible Megaphone community who rallied last week, we made it to our $10,000 goal in 36 hours. 36 hours!

That surge of support has allowed us to think bigger about the potential impacts of this project. If we can get to $16,000 by June 1st, we'll be able to expand our initial project to include a series of short, shareable videos to accompany our 6-month series on homelessness. To reach thousands more people, we'll pair each solutions-focused Megaphone article with an accompanying video that distills the content down to the essentials. We'll tell stories that drive change through compelling visuals that cut to the crux of the problem and its possible solutions.

Homelessness is at crisis levels. There are as many as 15,000 people without homes in British Columbia. Homeless deaths spiked 70 per cent in the last reported year. In a province as prosperous as B.C., why are so many people deprived of safe homes? And what can we do?

On May 11th, we launched a crowdfunding campaign--we're raising money to hire a reporter to do a 6-month series on solutions to the homeless crisis. We'll do in-depth, investigative journalism into what got us here, and what we can do to get people off the streets.

We powered through our $10,000 goal in 36 hours, and now we need your help to get to $16,000 by June 1st to make this project a reality.

With a new federal government, and a provincial election just 12 months away, we need solutions-focused journalism that drives change. We know that ending homelessness is possible.

Megaphone has won awards for our reporting. We've published powerful stories from people who have lived through homelessness. But as a small nonprofit, we've done this all with bare bones. With your help, we can fund a reporter to dig deep into solutions.

Stand with us in the fight for safe and affordable housing. Chip in to back Megaphone's bold new series on the homeless crisis.

P.S. Your tax-deductible donation, processed through Hope in Shadows, directly funds a 6-month series with investigating solutions to British Columbia's homelessness crisis. Tax receipts will be issued by Hope in Shadows and sent in July 2016.


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