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Death City

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor and poet The Bear Whisperer writes a poem about the people he has lost to the overdose crisis

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By The Bear Whisperer


The cold settled in East Vancouver,

this little cold is enough

to freeze a person to death.


There’s nothing that anybody

can do to bring back the people

people who overdose on these

killer drugs they use.


My cousin’s soul still here

on Hastings. He OD’d in his hallway in his building

He wanted to be tough and

respected like he knows all the

drugs and what goes on downtown.

life ends in a blink of an eye

The streets are cold the streets

go on and on.


Poets like Shakespeare

song writers like Neil Diamond

writers like Neil Benson.

People that I admire.

I thought I lived the life and

songs of some songs like “Baker Street”

by Gerry Rafferty. “No where road,” Steve



The Bear Whisperer sells magazines and the Hope in Shadows calendar in Vancouver.


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