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As December frost crunches underfoot and we hunch our shoulders against the cold, I’m looking ahead to winter solstice: that welcome day when we’ll turn the corner on darkness and the days begin to inch longer and lighter. In these dark months, we’ve got to make our own light to get by. 

Winter months can be tough on all of us, from our sunshine-deprived skin to the stress of the holidays, from challenging family dynamics to reminders of loneliness, to weather extremes and the real dangers they present for people without housing. 

The big societal challenges we’re faced with can feel like a long winter, too. The issues of homelessness, poverty and the overdose crisis can feel huge. They can make us feel small and powerless. But a truth we hold to at Megaphone is that we all have something to contribute. Our vendors, despite barriers of poverty, homelessness and poor health, contribute so much to our communities. They bring the light we need to keep going in darkness. 

At Megaphone, we reject the cynicism that tells us poverty is inevitable. Poverty is not a natural disaster or beyond our control. It is a direct result of what we collectively choose to value as a society. That means we have the power to change it. But we will not turn a solstice-like corner on homelessness, poverty or overdose deaths until we see sustained bold leadership from all levels of government. And we will not see bold leadership from all levels of government unless community members like you and I hold our elected leaders accountable, each and every day. 

In the special holiday issue of Megaphonenow being sold by vendors on the streets of Vancouver and Victoriawe’ve found light and hope aplenty to share. 

We’ve put the focus squarely on our vendors—on the people you see on the streets all over Vancouver and Victoria who breathe life into Megaphone. From stunning vendor portraits, to special holiday recipes and favourite songs, in this issue our vendors share some of the things that bring a little light into their lives. 

Also in the current issue, you’ll find the return of our ever-popular #WrapUpHope campaign. Included free in every December issue of Megaphone are two sheets of unique, vendor-designed holiday wrapping paper. To spread some cheer this Christmas season, use the #WrapUpHope paper to wrap up Megaphone’s Hope in Shadows calendar for a loved one. It’s a gift with meaning that directly supports work for people experiencing poverty.
And while you’re giving a beautifully wrapped gift, you’re also helping us spread the word about this project and helping our vendors find new customers. 

Thanks to readers like you, Megaphone now works with more than 150 vendors in Vancouver and Victoria. Your support publishes award-winning products that offer meaningful work and community connection to people experiencing poverty. 

In the new year, we want to build on this success. This holiday season Megaphone needs to raise $25,000 to make sure we can continue to support our vendors and share this opportunity with more people in poverty. Every dollar you give represents a fresh opportunity for a person experiencing poverty; an opportunity for change and a bit of light in the darkness. 

From everyone at Megaphone—all the best to you and your loved ones this season. May you find light in the darkness and hope in the shadows. Thank you for all you do. 

Jessica Hannon is the executive director of Megaphone Magazine.

Megaphone aims to raise $25,000 this holiday season to fund our vendor program. Every single dollar you choose to invest with Megaphone creates opportunity for someone in poverty. Please consider a tax-deductible gift before our year-end deadline at 


Get on your megaphone

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