Donation Call Out: Help the homeless at Occupy Vancouver

Tents at the Occupy protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Photo by Jason Drury.


Across Metro Vancouver, more than 2,600 people don’t have a place to call home. And as the cold winter weather begins to take over, many of them are in danger of severe health and safety problems.


In recent weeks, quite a number of these folks have migrated to the Occupy Vancouver protest at the Vancouver Art Galley—drawn by the fellowship of that inclusive community, where they feel their voices will be heard, and by the services that are needed to operate the encampment.


Megaphone aims to raise awareness on social justice issues, and of the plight of the homeless and disenfranchised in our city and beyond. On Monday the Vancouver Mayor Roberson stated, “The Occupy Vancouver protest can continue. The tent encampment, as it stands now, cannot.”


This will likely put an end to this sanctuary for the homeless very soon, but the problem of the cold, wet weather and the potential for deaths on the street will continue. 

Megaphone supports what Occupy Vancouver is fighting for and would like the public to remember the plight of homeless and marginalized citizens in Vancouver and around the world.


Please make donations of new or used warm clothing to shelters, especially warm boots, thick socks, gloves, thermal underwear, warm hats that cover ears, scarves, blankets and rain proof items if possible.


And while the tents remain, please make donations to the Occupy Vancouver site as well. There are volunteers ready to take your donations. 


Get on your megaphone

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