Eric (1st & Commercial)

"I got started with Megaphone through selling the Hope in Shadows calendar. When calendar sales ended, I was looking for something similar, an opportunity to make some income. I’ve been selling Megaphone for about a year now, and I like it. 

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“I love being out there, and being part of the community where I sell. I’m on Commercial Drive most of the time, which is a great place. There are lots of good, generous and caring people out there, and I really enjoy the family atmosphere.  

“Megaphone has helped me become part of a community. I’m newer to the Lower Mainland, and it has helped me meet many wonderful people. 

“I’m originally from Alberta. About two years ago, I needed to get a fresh start on life. So I biked from Alberta to Vancouver. It was a big trip and the first time I had done a long tour like that, even though I’d been on a bike all through my life. It was great biking through beautiful B.C. 

“Before I got involved selling, I was collecting empties [cans and bottles]. That’s okay at certain times of the year, but it doesn’t always work out, and it can be nasty work. This is much better. Megaphone allows me to do a few extra things like eat and dress better, and keep my bike in running order. It has helped me a lot—really helped me support myself.  

“As far as housing, I’m outdoors right now, so that’s a bit of a challenge. It works out most of the time for me fairly well, and I’m making it work, but there’s room for some improvement in my home situation—I don’t know where I’d start right now. 

“I’d love to thank all my customers from Hope in Shadows and Megaphone. Thank you to all the great people out there, to the people that support me and the magazine, and follow it. It’s been great out there, and I enjoy meeting everyone. It’s great for us vendors.” 

Eric sells Megaphone at Commercial and 1st, and at Davie and Thurlow. 

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