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Eric - Megaphone Vendor of the Year 2015

Congratulations Eric, Vancouver Vendor of the Year 2015!

Eric's humble generosity of spirit and dedication to his work do not go unnoticed. He would be the last person to brag, but in his time as a vendor, he has quietly built up an army of customers, fans, and supporters at Megaphone and in the neighbourhood where he works.

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Eric cuts a recognizable figure at the busy intersection of 1st and Commercial in Vancouver. After a stint collecting bottles and cans to make ends meet, Eric started selling Hope in Shadows in 2010, and picked up with Megaphone soon after. Since then, we regularly hear from customers who let us know how much they appreciate his presence. Eric has talked about how valuable the community he found through working as a vendor is to him, but he might not realize how valuable he is to it.

Eric is an active community member and has contributed a lot to Megaphone and Hope in Shadows-- from providing valuable input on big organizational questions, to being one of the most consistent vendors out there working rain or shine, to serving as a Community Judge for the Hope in Shadows photo contest this year.

Despite the challenges that homelessness and poverty have presented in his life, Eric's thoughtfulness, work ethic, and great sense of humour are the enduring qualities that shine through when you speak with him.

We're thrilled to honour Eric as the 2015 Vancouver Vendor of the Year to recognize his outstanding contributions to the Megaphone community, and the wider community in Vancouver.

Congratulations Eric!

Huge thanks to the wonderful and talented Colin Desmond Askey for creating such a beautiful video profile of Eric. You captured his gentle spirit and thoughtful nature wonderfully.


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