Escape Plan: Helping Aboriginal Women Exit the Sex Trade

With the Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the sex work laws on its way, in this issue of Megaphone we take a look at the arguments for and against the decriminalization of prostiution. The overrepresentation of Aboriginal women in sex work has led many native leaders in Vancouver to argue decriminalization will cement the abuse these women endure. But we also interview health and law experts who say the best way to protect sex workers and help them transition out is through decriminalization.


Also in this issue: The National Film Board of Canada partners with a homelessness and mental illness study to create moving documentaries on the joy and sorrow that comes with trying to put a roof over your head. The provincial government's welfare reform is lauded and booed for making welfare more bearable, but keeping people trapped in poverty.


For something new, we feature a fictional account about a man who became a hero when he stopped a candy thief, only to realize he's got sticky fingers, too. David Suzuki tells us why we should try to be more German; arts listings offering weekend--and Fathers' Day--suggestions; poetry from our writing workshops; horoscope, and more.


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