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Each year, Megaphone's low-income and homeless vendors take part in the Hope in Shadows photography contest. Using single-use film cameras, vendors capture images of their communities and submit them for a chance to be featured in the annual Hope in Shadows calendar. 


Megaphone received over 1500 photos for this year's contest, which a community jury narrowed down to just 30 finalists (see below). These top 30 photographs showcase this year's theme, "Belonging" and offer an intimate look into the lives of our vendors. 

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Thirteen of these 30 photographs will be chosen for Megaphone's 2020 Hope in Shadows calendar, which is sold by Megaphone's homeless and low-income vendors on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria. Vendors buy each calendar for $10 and sell them for $20, keeping the profit. 

Having a hard time deciding? There is a lot to look for in each photo. To find one that speaks to you, consider some of the things we ask our jury to look for: the visual, as well as the story. Visually: Is it creative? Beautiful? Well-framed? Colourful? Artistic? And in terms of the story: What does the photo tell us? What questions does it raise? Why might this photograph be important, and to whom? The best photos are both visually stunning and rich in story, and some are strongest in one or the other.

This project is rooted in creating space for people experiencing poverty to tell their own stories, through their own lens. Hope in Shadows shows the beauty, joy, friendship, and hope that exist alongside the hardship in the lives of people impacted by poverty.

The 2020 calendar launches on October, 9th 2019 in Vancouver and Victoria. 




#1 - Mama's School Nerd

#2 - Spirit of the Wind

#3 - Dad

#4 - Bear Tree Memorial

#5 - We Don't Just Pick Up Your Garbage, We Sort It Out

#6 - Fun In The Park

#7 - Brothers

#8 - Do My Ears Fit In This Picture?

#9 - Feels Like Home

#10 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T

#11 - My Best Friend

#12 - Angel

#13 - The Healing Presence Of Water

#14 - Reconnection

#15 - Best Friends

#16 - Of Mice and Men

#17 - Community Connectedness 

#18 - Mona Lisa

#19 - A Little Puff Of Smoke

#20 - Man And A Woman

#21 - Belonging Love

#22 - Art Of The Garden

#23 - Market Vendor

#24 - Walk of Life

#25 - Proud Artist

#26 - Another Day In The Garden

#27 - Bee Aware

#28 - Food?

#29 - Keeping The Past

#30 - Big Blue


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