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Holiday Profile: John

John says he's ready for whatever the new years brings!

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"For 2017 my wishes are to thank all my customers, and I wish to have good health. I want to stay healthy, that’s what I want to achieve for the new year.

"I’m kind of happy with where I am and with my situation, but I think in order to solve homelessness the government needs to start looking after people better than they are.

"My hopes for Megaphone for the new year are that everyone has a good year.

"I don’t have any fears for 2017, I take it as I come. I’m too old to have fears! Whatever comes it comes, you just gotta go with the flow. This time next year, I hope I can keep selling papers until then.

"I’ve been selling the paper for 15 years now, when it was Street News before and now Megaphone. I have had customers for about eight years who buy the magazine and The Hope in Shadows Calendar and I have to thank them for buying from me as well.

"I want to tell readers to enjoy the paper and keep purchasing it from all the vendors—I think all the sellers would like people to buy their papers.

"I also just want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, to all my customers and to the staff in Victoria and to the staff in Vancouver!"


John sells Megaphone outside the Bay Centre at Douglas and Fort in Victoria.

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