I Love Where I Live




I love how the sun comes in my window in the morning. It’s like you’re sleeping outside, but with no mosquitoes. Canada Geese fly by my window from time to time. It’s so awesome.


I look up in the sky and I see planes going back and forth. Also helicopters. I see rainbows that are so beautiful you can’t even imagine.


If I walk for five minutes I’m at the VIA rail. There’s a McDonald’s in there and stores that sell Aboriginal art like dreamcatchers and pins that light up and little watches that look like maple leaves.


There are three or four kinds of trees on my street, like elm and alder and oak. If I walk for two minutes there is Thornton Park, lots of shade and park benches and squirrels and birds. Two more minutes walking and I’m at the SkyTrain. Just past Terminal is another McDonald’s (a huge one) and down a little further is the Science Centre and another great place to eat: Burger King. There is also a Starbucks at Main and Terminal.


There are great people around here that help you out and become your friends. And if you’re thirsty there’s a pub called Ivanhoe, whatever you like to drink. Next door to the pub is Prime Time Chicken restaurant. Who could ask for anything more?


Helen is a participant in Megaphone's community writing shop at Station Street supportive housing project. Photo by BlueandWhiteArmy



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