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‘I’m your sister and I walk with you’

Vendor Voices: Vancouver vendor Suzanne Kilroy shares her thoughts in honour of Aboriginal Day, June 21

Get on your megaphone

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By Suzanne Kilroy


Aboriginal Day is an awesome day because I am part Aboriginal and part Asian. Aboriginal Day is also summer solstice, the day they honour Stonehenge, it’s the first day of summer, Father’s Day runs near this date, and it’s also my birthday!

Every year for many years, I’ve been marching from the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society to Trout Lake with hundreds of other Indians. We march from Hastings to Trout Lake, all the way up Commercial Drive. Many of us are with our drums, many of us in regalia, and we’re all very, very happy. Feeling proud, feeling love, and we’re all sharing.

Being Aboriginal, what it means to me is family—one big, huge family in this world.

Even Indians, when I pass them by in the street, even if I don’t know who they are—even if they’re from a whole other tribe—I will say, “Hey, Indians.” And I smile. It’s like seeing family! It’s like a hug, even if they’re from a different nation. And that’s really cool.

It warms my heart very much to hear the drums. I want to hear my own voice singing with hundreds of other people. And hundreds of other people are watching. It’s really awesome.

All of the people, when we’re done marching, we have Indian tacos, which are very scrumptious. And we meet with family and friends—some dance, some sing, some even cry. But we all share, and we all have a wonderful day.

I’m Ichene Suzanne Kilroy/Huculak. And I’m your Indian Princess and I want you all to take part in this march and enjoy this day with us. I’m your sister and I walk with you.

Happy Aboriginal Day!


Suzanne Kilroy sells Megaphone in Vancouver.

Get on your megaphone

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