photos: Justin Devonshire prepares a meal in his girlfriend Tracy's Powell Street SRO . Photo: Jackie Wong.

In the kitchen with Justin Devonshire

"My grandmother owned her own restaurant back in Winnipeg. When I was a boy, my grandmother taught me a lot of things, like how to cook on two burners.

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"I lived on my own when I was 18th, and I moved out here in ’94. My grandmother’s kitchen lessons helped me cook meals like beef stroganoff and pork chops in a fry pan. I also hold a culinary training certificate from Winnipeg Technical College.


"Today, I’ll show you how to make beef stroganoff. I serve it with green salad with mayonnaise, which takes about four minutes to do, and a fruit cup for dessert.

"This is an everyday meal that you can get ingredients for very cheap. It’s enough to make two to four meals.

"I like to find deals at discount grocery stores. For $200 a month, I can feed three people: myself, my soon-to-be-wife, and my sister. And there’s extra, too.

"It’s definitely better than the stuff in food lineups. And if you live in a hotel the way I used to and if you have a hot plate, you can cook it. If you’re lucky to have a bar fridge, that’s great too—all the ingredients I’m about to use fit into a bar fridge.

"For beef stroganoff, you’ll need the following:


1 pound of stewing beef
1 large onion
1 cup of sliced mushrooms

1 can of cream of mushroom soup

1 cup of sour cream

1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables

3 cups of broad egg noodles
Beef stock to taste


"Spread a thin amount of oil in a large fry pan. Turn it on to medium heat, and add the stewing beef cut into small pieces. Take the onion, cut it into small pieces, and add to the fry pan with the other stuff. Thinly slice the mushrooms and add to the mixture. Cook for 20 minutes.

"On the other burner, take a large pot, fill it with water, and bring it to a boil. Add the noodles and mixed vegetables. Cook for 15 minutes.

"Back to the frying pan, the beef should be done. Set the frying pan contents aside in a bowl. To the frying pan, add sour cream, mushroom soup, and instant beef stock to taste. Heat thoroughly, cooking for two minutes, and then add the beef mixture back to the pan. Drain the noodles and vegetables and serve them with the beef sauce on top.

"Now it’s done. Enjoy!"

Justin Devonshire enjoys cooking for his sister and his fiancé Tracy in Tracy’s apartment on Powell Street. He’s pictured here cooking beef stroganoff in Tracy’s kitchen.


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