McJobs: Fast food work in a fried job market may be the only option for young workers

Often dismissed as dead-end jobs or temporary work for high school students, fast food employment might be the launching pad to bigger and better careers for a generation stymied by a fried job market. The latest issue of Megaphone on the streets today drops in on a Lower Mainland fast food franchise employing youth from a variety of backgrounds, who are using their burger flipping experience as the stage for plotting their next move: school, better jobs, and parts unknown.


Also in this issue: B.C.'s first Aboriginal children's village gives foster kids a permanent home when the child welfare system doesn't offer stability; sex work in Cambodia was often the best job in a bad situation for men and women alike until the police crackdown; artist Justin Longoz draws inspiration from his community to create art that gives back; high school teacher John Vint reflects on his time living in a DTES hotel; vendor Bob Dennis remembers the bullies of high school; horoscopes; arts listings; poetry from our writing workshops; and much more!

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