Megaphone launches phone app to help support vendors

We often hear from our customers that they want to purchase a copy of Megaphone, but sometimes have trouble finding a vendor. So today we’re launching a phone app that tells you exactly when and where Megaphone vendors sell the magazine:

The Megaphone Vendor Finder app uses an interactive map that helps you find vendors in your community who have regular schedules and locations. With the app, it is now easier than ever for you to buy the magazine and support your local vendor.

Megaphone is the first street paper in the world to launch an app. 

Selling Megaphone has helped increase my quality of life and given me extra money to do things with my daughter,” says Mark Irvine, who sells Megaphone at Commercial and Grant. “The app will help people support me by finding out how they can purchase a copy of the magazine every two weeks.”

The Megaphone Vendor Finder app was designed pro bono by Vancouver interactive firm Denim & Steel, who worked with Megaphone over a number of months to create the app and to ensure it would benefit both readers and vendors. As a web app, any iPhone or Android phone will be able to access the app for free.

“We’re inspired by the way Megaphone creates economic opportunity for low-income and homeless Vancouverites, and the quality of content in the magazine. Creating the app was a way to support a cause we believe in,” says Denim & Steel co-founder, Todd Sieling.

Find your vendor by downloading the Megaphone Vendor 

Get on your megaphone

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