Megaphone's community journalism class takes the next step

Food is the one thing you can get for free in the Downtown Eastside. But the relationship between low-income people and food is fraught with poor nutritional quality, limited access, and a lack of choice. In Megaphone #152 our Community Journalism 201 graduates talk about their relationship with food, and we check in with non-profits working to make free food a step towards health and dignity for low-income people. 

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Also in this issue: Urban aboriginal non-profits struggle to serve women, youth, and low-income people after federal funding is put on hold indefinitely; the Coalition of Progressive Electors vows heavier focus on housing with the election of affordable housing advocates, activists, and organizers to its executive board; the latest Voices of the Street, Megaphone's annual poetry issue, debuts this month with an official release party on April 30; poetry from our writing workshops; and much more!

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