Megaphone Writing Workshop Showcase: Madagascar, by Jim Ryder

Tranquil sunset scene in Madagascar photo by Bigstock.



Bring me the sunset in a cup,

Bring me the moon in your hands,

Come with me to Madagascar,

Where we’ll walk in the sands.


Bring me love by the bushel,

Bring me care by the score,

Bring me the secrets that you keep

Behind your locked bedroom door.


Bring your heart beating for me,

Bring your hand on my arm,

Hold me when I’m hurting,

Protect me from the world’s harm.


Bring me beauty for my eyes,

Bring me strength for my mind,

Bring me the one true love

I’ve always known I’d find.


Bring me kindness when I’m older,

Bring me tea and buttered scones,

Bring me all your naughty tricks,

When you want to turn me on.


Bring me legs to wrap around me,

Bring me lashes to kiss my skin,

Bring me the sacred texts to read,

When your thoughts turn to sin.


Bring me peace for the people,

Bring me speech for the mute,

Bring me evidence of divinity,

That the wise can’t refute. 


Bring me enlightenment for those seeking,

Bring me money to give the rich,

Bring me something to scratch my back with,

When i can’t reach that itch.


Bring me walls when I need boundaries,

Bring me roads when I need to roam,

Bring me open arms to welcome me, 

When I finally stumble home.



Jim Ryder participates in Megaphone’s community writing workshop.

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