Michael Christie supports Megaphone's writing workshops


Vancouver author Michael Christie (who's book of short stories, Beggar's Garden, won the 2011 City of Vancouver Book Award) on why Megaphone's writing workshop project is so important to the city:


"Articulation is the catalyst of change. If an obstacle is to be overcome, one must first speak its name. This is perhaps the hardest part. Writing Workshops like these encourage people who have been ignored their whole lives--by their families, by teachers, by you, by me--to do just that: to speak, and to grow."

Megaphone's Community Writing Workshops amplify whispered voices for the whole city to hear. It would be hard to think of a more vital, more essential part of our city's cultural fabric. What kind of society shall we live in? One that drowns these voices out, or one that bends low, shuts up, and listens?"


Megaphone runs a series a writing workshops in treatment centres, social housing buildings and community centres in the Downtown Eastside and downtown Vancouver. Many of the stories and poems from these workshops are published in Megaphone Magazine. 


This spring Megaphone needs to raise $10,000 to help fund this program. Please donate $25, $50 or $100 today and help ensure that these voices continue to be heard.  

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