Morning Meganews

OLYMPIC VILLAGE Genius marketer has the solution for the condo woes: sell them cheaper. Thank goodness he gets a per centage of each sale because who else could have possibly conceived of this radical idea?

SLOWLY GRINDING WHEELS The two Vancouver Police officers who were cleared by Delta police for beating up an innocent man, will be subject to a police complaints inquiry

NEWSFLASH The ultra rich are getting richer

SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY Translink is hoping to crack down on the fare evaders that deprive it of 1.2% of its passenger fares. Now, Meganews is no expert at this sort of thing - but if the goal is to make 1.2%, it would be far easier to reduce fares and increase patronage rather than pay for staff and material to catch people and send them through the legal system.

SPEAKING OF EVASION Some property owners in Vancouver are legally avoiding property tax by planting things

IT’S THE PICTURES THAT GOT SMALL A group in London has started opening cinemas for homeless people to warm up and socialise


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