Morning Meganews

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD Food bank use up nine per cent over last year

BITS AND POLICES Top Mountie responsible for uniting disparate RCMP detachments likes the patchworked system

SOMEONE'S LEARNING ABOUT VIDEO Here's a video of the Vancouver Police handing out blankets to homeless people that they made

GEORGIA ON HIS MIND Marc Emery has been sent to a Georgia prison, rather than the expected California one

GENTRIFICATION France Bula looks at the trend of small businesses buying their buildings to avoid being evicted after their neighbourhood becomes cool

MONEY SENSE Translink pleads poverty on busses, on new Seabusses, and on the Evergreen line — yet an unnecessary freeway is still going ahead

MOUNT VERY PLEASANT It's a little unclear, but it seems that the City wants to encourage bikes and farmers markets in a revitalised Mount Pleasant

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