Morning Meganews

THE LAW HAS TEETH Inmate wins the right to be given a set dentures

WELCOME MASSACRE The MV Sun Sea's Tamil passengers were being watched by thousands of government officials, police, and soliders

WELL DONE The campaigners of Sister Watch and the Vancouver Police say they have found a working respect for each other in the Downtown Eastside

THE CITY IS FOR EVERYONE This story says Mayor Robertson requests citizens to call 311 if they see potholes. But don't forget, you can call 311 when you see unsafe premises and dangerous animals or want to find food or shelter.

NOT IN MY QUASI-TOWN Former senator Pat Carney comes out in favour of the UBC hospice 

PARTY Workless party founder is having a Rent Is Too Damn High party for friends who need to make the rent

PSA Here's a corporate video that Telus has made about their planned new downtown headquarters. Oh, and the one-block square skyscaper that takes up every square inch of land will be called Telus Gardens.

IT ENDS HERE "The Uncut movement comes to Canada."

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