Morning Meganews

BACK IN BUSINESS Not only do the Vancouver's lanes look really cool, they now have vegetable stands

BLACK CAB Fake TV show taxi kills pedestian in the Downtown Eastside

REMEMBER SUE RODRIGUEZ The fight to legalize assisted suicide has sprung to life again

OH, GOODY Randy and Evi Quaid successfully fight US extradition bid, stay in Vancouver

NEPOTISM Friend of Megaphone wants to be YVR's Writer In Residence, have hot meals

TREES & FISH Once upon a time BCers used to care about their parks

FRUITS & VEG Global warming is a hippie lie. In an unrelated story, Surrey woman can now grow bananas

GRAFFITI It's terrible what people did to this campground but if the Vancouver Sun is going to write a story everytime the 'Van East Cross' is painted there is going to be a lot of old-growth timber used 

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