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In four days Vancouver's Movieland will perform at one of the most long awaited celebrations of the year, Night of Joyful Voices. All money raised from the night will go toward Megaphone's vendor program.

Megaphone: Tell us about Movieland and your music?

Movieland: Movieland is like catchy, pop tunes but sprinkled with dark subject matter. Like, you'll be merrily singing along, and then realize you've just cheered for stigmata and having glass in your eyes and stuff.  Also, no song is longer than two minutes: otherwise you're out of the band!

MP: Why is community important to you?

ML: Community is super important, especially in a somewhat isolating city like Vancouver tends to be. Most of our friends aren't from here, don't have family here.  Community becomes family, we support each other.  We're looking out for similar interests and we have each others' backs.  Within the music community specifically, if we didn't support each other, we'd all be sitting alone in our rooms playing ukulele ballads to ourselves, assuming we'd be able to afford these rooms.

MP: How is Movieland involved in the community?

ML: We play shows in all different social spheres and groups.  We are all involved with Safe Amp to varying degrees (  It's a non-profit dedicated to the all-ages movement, and heavily rooted in lobbying against the antiquated by-laws that enable the shutting down most of the affordable, accessible community spaces in this city.  Pretty much anyone can get involved, you don't have to be a musician!  Everyone is welcome!

MP: What would you like people to know about Movieland?

ML: Please notice something other than the fact we're women.

MP: What would surprise people about Movieland? 

M: Movieland doesn't watch as many movies together as you might think. I think we once watched Dumb and Dumber, and almost finished an ant documentary.

MP: Why do you support Megaphone?

ML: Megaphone is personal, informative and relevant. We love the variety of content from local news and engaging features to vendor profiles and poetry. Community-based media like Megaphone is especially vital in Vancouver, which has the highest concentration of corporate media ownership than any other city in Canada. Similarly, as we all know, there is a huge disparity between the wealthy and the poor in this city, and Megaphone addresses this by providing a voice to low-income folks while supplying a bit of financial security. Over the years, we've met many vendors and always enjoy chatting with those involved on the ground (literally) with the organization!  All hail Megaphone!


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