New issue of Megaphone chows down on food security

Healthy food is a human right most of us enjoy. But in Issue #104 of Megaphone we focus on the charity food model that supplies the poorest Vancouverites with food full of empty calories and preservatives. However, there's a wave of change coming to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, rejecting the charity model of food banks and fighting for access to healthy food. We profile this growing change in two features this issue that explore the new model and the changes its brought to the neighbourhood.


Good food isn't the only human right turned luxury in Vancouver. We cut through the rhetoric over gentrification in the Downtown Eastside to clarify what kind of housing—and neighbourhood—residents want to live in. Vancouver's most marginalized citizens aren't the only ones feeling the housing pinch, either. We look at solutions to the affordable housing problem on campus at the University of British Columbia where even the professors can't afford to live. 


Also in this issue, David Suzuki lays out the failures of the environmental movement; Reimagine CBC waxes nostalgic about the public broadcaster that was and gets us excited about what it could be; Translink plans to crack down on fare evasion, putting more pressure on the poor to pay expensive tickets; and more. 


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