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Vendor Voices: Ron McGrath talks energy and the future

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You choose your energy source.

We choose our future.

We elect our politicians to do the right thing for us. Their dependence on oil, on gas, and the profits it brings in—which fuels the economy— has made it hard for the government to break away from this.

Governments need to be talking about alternative energy—and invest in this community—a healthy environment for us all.

I heard it said that some of these alternatives are not perfected yet, which I think is a whole lot of bull. The people controlling the oil and gas discredit these alternatives—and they're quite happy destroying Mother Earth and her waters.

Of course, there is solar power, wind power, and thermoelectric power.

I like to add that Surrey, B.C. has one of the best operations for solar power in the world—and it’s a business that is booming. Ironically, the company’s main business is from overseas, and not here in Canada. And I believe Germany is one of the places they do business with. Of course, Germany is the leader in alternative energy. I could go on and on, on this topic. I just don’t get it and it’s really on my mind. I thought I’d share. It’s said that it’s a healthy thing to talk about things that are that big on the list.

I was inspired by Standing Rock to write about this. Aboriginal communities from all over have formed the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline opposition. There have been many arrests over the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

If anyone is interested in Standing Rock Mountain, there is a lot going on there. See the videos of this amazing protest online.

Ron sells Megaphone outside the Choices Market on West 16th and Stephens, and outside the Royal Bank at Cambie and West Broadway in Vancouver. Photo by David Denofreo, Black Opal Images.

Get on your megaphone

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